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The Inventit Network Solution

Inventit Inventit Inc. is an innovative corporation providing intelligent remote end-to-end management solutions centered on a flexible and advanced platform with an industry-standard open interface. Quattro Media Corporation is a distributing agent for Inventit.

 Issues when introducing Smartphones

The use of smartphones for work is rapidly expanding in step with the high level of functionality of terminals and the development of cloud services.
When corporations use smartphones, there are a range of problems and concerns
Settings for smartphone terminals are not easy…   Want to limit terminal functionality
Concerns about security measures and information leaks Want remote troubleshooting and response
Want to prevent fraudulent use Want to control address book and terminal data

A solution for smartphone remote management
The solution is the IT-MOM Enterprise Server!

Using the IT-MOM

Corporate administrators and managers are able to remotely manage, monitor and control employee terminals by making use of the IT-MOM.

Using image

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