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The Visual On Imaging Solution

Visual On VisualOn Inc. in the United States is an industry leader in codecs for the embedded OS products typical of mobile handsets. Quattro Media Corporation is the distributor for VisualOn in Japan.

Main Products

  • Software Codec compatible with H.264
  • Media players compatible with H.264

Main Features

• Optimization for ARM9, ARM11, Cortex A8/9 delivering a quality that is equal to H/W Codec
→Facilitates major cost cuts when replacing H/W Codec
• Not OS or platform dependent
→Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Android, Symbian, Enbedded Linux…
• Supports video and images in a wide range of formats
→Unlike H/W Codec, adding formats is simple.
  • Video:H.264,H.263,MPEG-4/2/1,WMV,MJPEG,…
  • File formats:
  • MPEG-2 TS:mobile TV
  • MPEG-4 P15:iPod video
  • 3GPP,3GPP2:video streaming
  • MP4,AVI,ASF,…

Main Usage

  • Mobile handsets (3G, Smartphones)
  • Car navigation systems, PND (portable navigation devices)
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