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Established on: January 19, 2005
Revised on: July 16, 2010
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Noriyuki Hashimoto, Chairman

Personal information is an important asset belonging to each person, and Quattro Media recognizes that it needs to respond to the trust of customers when handling such information. We understand that businesses have an important social mission to carefully protect personal information. For this reason, we have built a personal information protection and management system pursuant to JIS Q 15001, and we make companywide efforts to handle information properly while continuously enhancing the system to ensure that all officers and employees appropriately handle the personal information of our customers and employees.

1. Building a personal information protection and management system for protecting personal information
Quattro Media has built a personal information protection and management system that incorporates protective and corrective measures against risks such as inappropriate accesses to personal information and leakage, loss, and damage to personal information. We have also adopted standards, rules and procedures for the proper handling and operation of personal information.

2. Organizational activities for protecting personal information
Quattro Media conducts the following activities execute its basic policies:
(1) All officers and employees comply with laws, regulations, and other rules concerning personal information.
(2) We have appointed a Personal Information Protection Administrator, who is assigned responsibilities and authorities for implementing and operating the personal information protection and management system, and carries out duties accordingly.
(3) We have appointed a Personal Information Protection Manager, who conducts internal audits on the practices and management related to protection of personal information.
(4) We ask our business partners and individuals to cooperate in protecting personal information.
(5) We make our basic policy viewable by anyone at any time, by displaying it on our website (http://www.qmedia.co.jp), in company brochures, and in other materials.
(6) We will review the personal information protection and management system as appropriate and continuously refine it.
(7) We accept complaints and requests for consultation from owners of personal information, and respond appropriately.

3. Handling of personal information
(1) Respecting the rights of individuals
Quattro Media respects the rights of individuals concerning personal information, and responds to requests on disclosure, correction, or deletion by owners of personal information within a reasonable period and scope.

(2) Collecting, using, and providing personal information
When collecting, using, or providing personal information, Quattro Media clearly states the purposes of use to the individual owner of information, and handles the collected personal information appropriately for use within the scope necessary for reasonable business activities, hiring of employees, and personnel management. We will not use the information for any purpose other than those specified at the time of collection. Please note that we may outsource tasks involving personal information.

Purposes of collection and use in reasonable business activities
Management of members and users
Sales of products, rights, digital content, and services (hereinafter referred to as the “Products and Others”)
Conducting campaigns, sweepstakes, and questionnaires
Transmission of e-mail magazines
Shipping of Products and Others
Responding to inquiries and requests on after-sales services
Surveys and analysis of marketing data, development of new services
Exercising of rights and performing obligations pursuant to contracts and laws

(3) Implementing safety measures
Quattro Media has established in-house rules for preventing personal information leaks, falsification, and other incidents, and has adopted reasonable safety measures.

*Personal Information Protection Manager
General Manager of Administration Headquarters

*Contact for personal information
Please address inquiries about personal information to the Contact for Personal Information below.

Contact for Personal Information
Contact for complaints and consultations about personal information
E-mail: privacy@qmedia.co.jp
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